Sólyomcsalogató 2011

In 2011, the conference Sólyomcsalogató or “Falcon Luring” was organized on the on the 26-27th of February 2011 in cooperation by MME/BirdLife Hungary and KNPD, held at the National Park’s education centre „Természet Háza” (House of Nature).

Kecskemét, Természet Háza

The „Sólyomcsalogató” raptor conservation conference was brought to life in 2006 by MME/BirdLife Hungary’s Raptor Conservation Working Group to enable fluent information exchange amongst professionals of the field. The annual venue is traditionally held on the last weekend of February, with an ever growing number of participants, justifying the necessity of such a conference. Beside the reports of countrywide species specific conservation programmes, each year the emphasis is placed on a certain region of the country, from where conservationists provide an in-depth analysis of raptor conservation. The given talks and reports are summed in the annual yearbook of the working group titled „Heliaca”.

2011 Sólyomcsalogató (Photo: Péter Palatitz)

A total of 120 people from 3 countries representing 36 conservation organizations participated in the conference. Altogether 38 raptor conservation talks have been given together with 3 foreign trip reports on the two day programme. Four presentations were given by the BSPBV and MME/BirdLife Hungary related to the current application, summing the situation of both target species on the two sides of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Róbert Zeitz (MILVUS Group, Romania) talking about lesser spotted eagles and the LIFE project inititated to protect them (Photo: Attila Nagy)

The Saker Falcon Award, fist given in 2010 is for award for people dedicated to raptor conservation in Hungary. This year László Bank was awarded, as appreciation for his results in this field.

The Saker Falcon Award presented to László Bank (Photo: János Bagyura)


Szekeres presenting the results of the Roller conservation program in Voivodina (Photo: Attila Nagy)


Attila Ágoston presenting the results of the Red-footed Falcon conservation program in Voivodina (Photo: Attila Nagy)