The main aim of the program is to provide detailed information on the size and distribution of the breeding population of two enigmatic bird species; the Red-footed Falcon and the Roller. A further target is to conserve these species through placing out dedicated nest-boxes for these birds. A handful of such artificial nesting sites have already been placed out on both sides of the border thus, the project is also responsible for the maintenance of these boxes. Beyond the nest-box program, the program also aims to identify and quantify all natural nest-sites of both species within the project area. This needs an integrated and standardized monitoring protocol. For Rollers, this protocol is to be developed within the scope of the project, while in case of Red-footed Falcons a complete methodology was adapted developed during a previous large scale program ("Conserving F. vespertinus in the Pannon Biogeographical Region”, LIFE05/NAT/H/000122).

Detailed description of the protocols, and all the data forms can be downloaded at Downloads.

If you’d like to join our work, please follow the guidelines of the data forms and contact your local monitoring coordinator (see back of forms for details)!