Taxonomy and Description

European Roller is a member of order Coraciiformes, and the only one from the roller family (Coraciidae) to breed in Europe. It is related to colourful bee-eaters (Meropidae) and kingfishers (Alcedinidae).

30–32 cm; wing-span 66–73 cm. Similar in size to Jay Garrulus glandarius but with 5% longer wings and 20% shorter tail. Rather corvine in appearance, with rather pale green-blue head, body, and wing-panel set against dark black-blue flight- and tail-feathers and chestnut-brown saddle.

Photo: Bence Máté

Sexes are similar, blue colours in male are more vivacious, violet in rump is wider There is just a small difference in biometric datas, male’s wing is bigger.

Male (Photo: Orsolya Kiss)